Варненски свободен университет "Черноризец Храбър" - Конференция - "Научната конференция на младите изследователи "Черноморският регион - регионални и глобални предизвикателства""
Scientific Conference of Young Researchers. The Black Sea Region - Regional and Global Challenges



1. Papers should be prepared using MicrosftWord and formatted to A4 page size. The margins on each page should be: Left-20mm, right - 20 mm right, top - 20 mm, bottom - 20 mm. No frame should be drawn on the page. Line spacing - Single. Full text of the papers – up to 8 pages, incl. figures and tables.


2. Text should be formatted as follows: TITLE - Font: Times New Roman; Size: 14; Font style: Bold; Alignment: Centered; First line: 0 mm. NAMES OF THE AUTHORS should be at an interval of one blank line as follows - full first and full family name Font: Times New Roman, Size: 12, Font style: Bold, Alignment: Centered; First line: 0 mm.


3. THE ABSTRACT AND THE KEYWORDS should be arranged as follows: the abstract – length up to 10 lines - Font: Times New Roman; Size: 10; Font style: Italic; Alignment: Justified; First line: 10 mm; at the interval of one blank line, the keywords come after the abstract - Font: Times New Roman; Size: 10; Font style: Italic; Alignment: Justified; First line: 10 mm. Both elements are indented 10 mm left and right of the frame which limit the main text.


4. MAIN TEXT - Font: Times New Roman; Size: 12; First line: 10 mm; Alignment: Justified; Line spacing - Single.


5. The figures (black and white) and the tables should be integrated into the text. The numbers and captions (justified) should be below them.


6. Formulas should have numeration aligned to the right - with numbers in parentheses ( ).


7. The literature should be cited in the text in parentheses (Author, year) or as a citation in the footnotes and listed at the end of the paper according to the bibliographic description standard.


8. The addresses for correspondence should be written after the last page, giving the full names of the authors, their academic ranks, academic degrees and their organizations. All papers which conform to the theme and meet the layout requirements, after being reviewed, will be published in Collection of papers (ISBN).


9. Each paperis allotted10 minutes for presentation and discussion. All necessary technical equipment will be provided at the conference.

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